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Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to keep your business at the top of clients’ and prospects’ minds, to position yourself as an expert and your firm as the leader in the field, to educate your audience and provide them with useful information.  It is a chance to garner their interest in your topic area, while entertaining and intriguing them.  As a result, they will think of you first when they have a need related to your type of business.  They will see you and your company as the leader in the field.

From doctors to accountants to schools to law firms and more, almost every business can benefit from sending out a newsletter.  Membership organizations and wine clubs can provide newsletters as a service to members.  Medical clinics, health clubs and spas can inform clients about the latest related health news.  Schools and education publishers can share educational news.  Hotels can provide guests with information about the city’s attractions and events.  Restaurants can offer recipes.  Consultants can impart knowledge about their field of expertise.  The possibilities are endless.

Newsletters can range from a weekly opt-in e-newsletter to a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly mailer.  Your print newsletter can be as simple as a one-page, two-sided, black and white item or as elaborate as a four-to-eight-page, four-color glossy.  Usually a combination of delivery methods works best.  For example, you might produce a print/hard copy newsletter to mail to clients and to display at your office or business site.  You might also feature the PDF version of this newsletter on your website, and send out shorter, more frequent email newsletter.  You can include your newsletter in your press kit, or new member package.

Newsletters are usually distributed to clients and prospects at no cost to them, and contain unique and valuable information (aka, they’re “newsworthy”).  They are a great marketing tool, reaching your target clients with useful information they want, can use and will pass on to others.  Newsletters are at or near the top of the list of the communication formats that the public likes to receive.  When written well, newsletters get read and have an impact on the reader, and are excellent tools for reminding them of your services.  Plus, they are usually a less expensive alternative to advertising.

They reflect your business’ brand, and can be as conservative or unconventional as you choose.  They can be written with authority or with humor.  They can be simple or extravagant.  They can include just about anything you want, including research in your field, answers to common questions, facts and stats, personality profiles, news related to your industry, recipes, how-to’s, you name it.

Newsletters help to get your business name, website, and phone number in front of as many sets of eyes as possible.  When you send out a newsletter that includes several interesting articles, the reader will hold on to it.  Or they may know someone that might be interested in a featured topic, so they will pass it along to him or her.

I will produce informative, useful and engaging content for your newsletter (and can work with your designer to carry out production).  Contact me at (805) 477-0037 or info@lgwriting.com to discuss your newsletter project.