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What Public Relations Can Do for You

Through Public Relations and Marketing Communications, your business or organization can effectively convey key messages to your target audiences by:

  •  Letting the public know you exist, what you do and for whom
  • Reminding current, past and potential clients that you’re the best source to fulfill      their needs
  • Building and maintaining a positive image among all of your publics
  • Strengthening morale and trust among employees and stakeholders

According to the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA): “Public Relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.”  In other words, it’s about mutual knowledge, respect and trust.  This is carried out through numerous activities including promotions, media relations and various communications.

Through public relations (PR), you can tell your story and maintain a positive image.

For businesses, this can result in increased sales.  For nonprofit organizations, it may result in increased funding – via grants and donations.  For any entity, it ultimately enhances the bottom line, whatever that may be.

Here are some descriptions of some popular PR activities:

 Campaign Development

This involves creating a customized Public Relations and Marketing Campaign based on research and strategic planning.  In order to do this, it is important to clarify your desired results, create your vision and define the best ways to tell your story, create awareness of your business or organization and promote its good name.  Then, through strategically chosen tactics, and the right mix of public relations and marketing activities (such as media relations, promotional pieces, etc.) an overall plan can be designed, launched and managed effectively.

Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications, or Corporate Communications, is an important area of Public Relations that involves all of those written and produced materials that are used to promote your business or organization.  These include brochures, manuals/booklets, newsletters, websites, catalogs and other promotional pieces.  These materials help you market, promote and explain your products/services to existing and potential customers, to get the word out about your business or organization, to position your company as a leader in its field, and to increase visibility and credibility.


An informative brochure clearly explains what your company or organization does and how it benefits your clients and publics.  Creating additional individual brochures for various aspects of your business or products that you carry, services you provide, etc. can also be very effective.  Brochures can quickly communicate key aspects of your business to current customers, prospects and other target audiences and help move them along in the sales, partnership, or membership process.

Press Releases

Press releases are newsworthy stories about your company or organization that you can submit to appropriate media channels (and also feature on your website and press kit).  Great stories can gain favorable coverage by a wide variety of media (newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, radio, TV).  Stories can range from breaking news to features to event or new product announcements to research findings to tip sheets and more.

Press Kits

A press kit is a cohesive promotional package for you to present to the press, investors, and other selected parties.  It contains important information about your company such as background info/history, product/service info, biographies, professional photographs, company brochure/s, press releases, clippings of previous press coverage, tip sheets, quote sheets, and other relevant materials.  This is an invaluable tool for presenting a consistent and professional image, for positioning yourself as a thought leader in your field, and in generating print media publicity.  It’s good to have both a print version and an online version on your website (as part of your website’s “newsroom” page) and available to send via email.

Media Relations

In addition to creating press releases and other related items (such as media alerts, tip lists, etc.), media relations activities include creating and maintaining targeted press lists, pitching and submitting timely stories to appropriate media channels, and building and maintaining positive relations with media professionals.  Beyond crafting relevant, creative and newsworthy messages, media relations involves conducting ongoing research – finding relevant media channels, determining who the appropriate reporters and editors are, tracking editorial calendars, deadlines and submission guidelines and keeping up with current events, media and industry trends developments and publication content.


A newsletter is an informative, interesting, useful and entertaining communication device for you to provide for your clients, prospects, shareholders, employees, local community, etc. on an ongoing basis (monthly, quarterly, etc.).  See previous post:  http://www.lgwriting.com/apps/blog/show/16285801-your-business-needs-a-newsletter

Other PR components include websites, blogs, social media, events, crisis counseling, and anything else that establishes, promotes or maintains a favorable image of your company or organization.  Being able to relate to the public, and helping the public relate to you, is a worthy goal for any business.

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