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‘Tis the Season to Start Working on Holiday Gift Promotions

Although It’s July, Christmas is Right around the Corner

 It is not too early to start thinking about the holidays in terms of promoting your products.  In fact, if you plan to pitch your products to publications that feature holiday gift guides, now is the time.  If you haven’t thought about it, you may want to if your product is something that would make a good gift.  And, most products would make a good gift to someone.

A holiday gift guide is a valuable publicity avenue.  It’s like free advertising and PR all in one.  Not only does it let readers know about your product, but it also lets them know who they should buy it for and how.  It gives shoppers who might be stumped on what to buy for someone, some ideas and direction.  It leads them right to you.  When someone is thinking they have no idea what to buy for this person or that, a holiday gift guide can set him or her in motion and add a sense of immediacy to purchasing.

Christmas is only 5 months away!  Publications begin working on their December or holiday issues, as well as special gift guide sections, around July and August (or sooner).  So time is of the essence.

Here are some tips for pitching holiday gift guides.

Pick Your Product

Decide what product/s of yours would make a good Christmas/holiday gift and for whom.  Who would receive it as a gift?  Who would buy it and give it as a gift?  You will want to target the gift buyer/giver.

Who is your target audience?

Again, that’s the buyer.  Is it a parent, senior citizen, teen, business person, local community member, fitness enthusiast, multi-billionaire, traveler, techie, etc.  For example, if your company makes toys for toddlers, your buyers are parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Who is your target audience’s target audience?

That’s the recipient.  Who are they buying for – their mother, father, husband, wife, child, client, best friend, grandmother, etc.

Why Your Product?

What is it about the product that you are pitching that is unique, a must-buy, and perfect for your buyer to give to your recipient?  Also, does your product fit into a certain category (such as outdoorsy/adventurer, book lover, pet lover, sports lover, traveler, foodie, fashionista, spa girl, etc.)?

Pick Your Publications

What publications does the gift giver read?  This includes newspapers, magazines, online publications and blogs.  It may also include television shows.

Learn About the Publications

Do they do a holiday gift guide or some other type of holiday special feature?  Who is the contact person?  What is the lead time?  How do they want submissions sent?  Learn as much as you can about the publications you are targeting, including who their readers are, what they cover, their tone, and so on.

Prepare Your Pitch

Either write, or hire someone to write, an intriguing, well-written, targeted press release.

Include something enticing, something newsworthy.  Tell them who should buy this product for whom and why.  What are the features and benefits of your product?  Make sure you format your release properly and include all necessary information – contact information, price, where/how to buy the product, website address, etc.  Take a good, quality, color photo of your product to include with the pitch (the more colorful the photo, the better).

If you have a great product that you know makes a great gift, let holiday gift buyers know about it by pitching it to the holiday gift guides.

Please contact Lori Granieri at LG Writing to help with your holiday gift guide pitching needs.  I can write your press release and develop a holiday gift guide plan and press list for you.  Call (805) 477-0037 or email info@lgwriting.com, or visit www.lgwriting.com.