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Time to Start Marketing for Valentine’s Day: Gift Guides & More

Marketing Your Business for Magazine Valentine’s Day Gift Guides, Feature Articles, Fun Things to Do

Valentine’s Day is less than six months away.  So if you have a business, product or service that ties in with Valentine’s Day in any way, you would be wise to start planning now.

Many publications run special Valentine’s Day gift guides in their February issues.  The larger publications (i.e., national and regional magazines) start working on these issues six months out (that’s right now).  Others begin working on them three to four months out, but it’s still a good idea to pitch them early, or at least be prepared with a solid, well-thought-out pitch for when they are ready to receive them.

Valentine’s Day gifts might include the traditional chocolate/candy/sweets, flowers, perfume, jewelry, and lingerie.  They might also include the following: candles, trips, bath products, wine, champagne, gift baskets, art, cards, novelty items, books, handbags, spa treatments, tickets to a concert or performance, clothing, shoes, children’s items, and just about anything a “sweetheart” or loved one might love to receive.  Other great Valentine’s Day gifts can be products that are red, pink, heart-shaped, have to do with heart health, are decedent, have to do with cooking or entertaining, or are sentimental and heartfelt.

So if your product has anything to do with these or any other great gift ideas, you may want to consider pitching them for inclusion in holiday gift guides.

In addition to gift guides, publications often feature Valentine’s Day segments and stories about relationships, marriage, dating, weddings, popping the question, romantic trips and getaways, romantic meals, entertaining, romantic surprises, celebrating Valentine’s Day with children, crafts, décor, cultural traditions and customs, books, and more.

For these types of features, writers and editors often want to interview or quote experts in these topic areas (i.e., relationship expert, wedding planner, florist, jeweler, matchmaker, chef, travel agent, Bed & Breakfast owner, author, interior designer, and so on).  A well-written press release (and maybe also press kit) that ties in with Valentine’s Day and the publication’s readers, and positions you/your company as an expert can get you featured in a major magazine.  Your release or kit might also include “tips” on something Valentine’s Day related.

Here are some ideas for potential Valentine’s Day related articles:

First date tips (from a matchmaker)

What to wear on your Valentine’s Day date (fashion designer, personal shopper)

How to look your best on Valentine’s Day (makeup artist, cosmetic company founder)

Children’s Valentine’s Day crafts and activities (artist, children’s party planner, craft store owner)

Fabulous Valentine’s Day meals (chef, cookbook author)

Plan a romantic weekend trip for Valentine’s Day (travel agent)

How to propose to your sweetie (wedding planner)

Making Valentine’s Day centerpieces (florist)

Creative ideas for making and decorating Valentine’s Day cookies (baker)

Think about ways your business, product or service ties in with Valentine’s Day (as a gift, a way to celebrate, something for kids to do, a meal, a romantic getaway, relationship advice, etc.).  This can be a great opportunity for effective Public Relations, exposing your company/product to thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands (even millions in the case of the largest circulation national publications) of potential buyers, and significantly increasing sales.

LG Writing will create you Valentine’s Day pitch package (for inclusion in gift guides and other Valentine’s Day features).   Contact me at info@lgwriting.com or (805) 477-0037.

Side note: If you are looking for additional PR opportunities in the month of February, one or more of these may tie in perfectly with your company/product.  February is also American Heart Month, African-American History Month, National Dental Month, Chocolate Lovers’ Month, Great American Pies Month, Creative Romance Month, Human Relations Month, and more.  These are even more opportunities for promotional tie-ins.

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Promoting Your Business or Product with a Holiday Tie-In

To promote your business, or product or service, take advantage of the many reasons to celebrate throughout the year.  Every month and season offers an assortment of holidays, special occasions and commemorative days.  Some are obvious (i.e., Thanksgiving) and some are not (i.e., National Celery Day).

Planning a promotion around a certain celebratory day is a great way to boost awareness and sales.  It gives you a tie-in, or a hook, that is likely to resonate with your target audience and media.

If you do a little research, you’re likely to find days that are a perfect fit for your business/product and customers.  Tying in with this special day, plan a promotion, such as a sale/special, coupon, new product/service launch, or special event.  Your product might also make a great gift for someone being celebrated on a certain day.

This time of year, promotions might tie in with the end of summer, beginning of fall, back to school, off to college, or kindergarten readiness.  You might also want to start planning ahead for some of the bigger holidays like Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and the December holidays.  Also, August is American Artist Appreciation month, Foot Health month, Home Business month, National Catfish month, National Golf month, National Inventors month, and Water Quality month.

Here are some additional special celebratory days coming up in August: Sisters’ and Friendship Day on August 4; Coast Guard Day, Mustard Day, Chocolate Day, and Dollar Day (anniversary of the creation of the US Dollar) all on August 8; Book Lovers Day on August 9; S’Mores Day on August 10; Play in the Sand Day on August 11; International Left-Handers Day and Filet Mignon Day on August 13; National Creamsicle Day on August 14; Julia Child’s Birthday and National Relaxation Day on August 15; Roller Coaster Day on August 16; Archeology Day on August 17; International Homeless Animals Day on August 18; National Aviation Day and Potato Day on August 19; Kiss and Make Up day and National Banana Split Day on August 25; National Dog Day and Women’s Equality Day on August 26; and many others.

Whether you want to plan a promotion, or you just want to celebrate one of these days for fun, this time of year presents lots of opportunities.